Re: PW4000 vs GE90

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         28 Jul 95 02:53:18 
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  or MIME structure (TriStar500) wrote:
>A recent Wall Street Journal article on the GE90 noted that the shutdown
>rate of the PW4000 was 7 times higher then that of the CF6.

And for years, Southwest Airlines had to report that the dispatch reliability
of its CFM-56 powered 737's was lower than its (aging) 727-200's, the JT9 had
problems when new, the CF-6 is less reliable than the JT8D, etc. etc. Seems to
me that the "old" engine (regardless of maker) in a comparison such as the
above *usually* has the lower shutdown rate or higher dispatch reliability.

>I personally wouldn't put any PW engine design that's newer than a JT8D on
>my airplane.

I've never heard a foul word uttered about the PW 2000 series.

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