Re: Aging Aircraft (was Re: Boeing 717?)

From:         lookout! (Martin Sagara)
Organization: US WEST Information Technologies
Date:         25 Jul 95 03:06:47 
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Christopher H. Husmann ( wrote:
: I attended the AIAA conference on structures last April. One of the
: speakers, whose name I could look up if pressed, commented that the Air
: Force expects to keep flying KC-135s until the year 2034.

Yes, I concur with this figure.  I became involved with the KC-135 while
working on the KC-135 Aircrew Training System proposal when I was with
FlightSafety Services Corp (FlightSafety won that contract by the way).
Apparently, the KC-135s have fairly low usage rates and that, in part,
accounts for their long life.  One of the incentives for bidding on the
KC-135 ATS was the fact that it was going to be around for a long time.
When I found out the that the USAF planned to keep "the Steamjet" around
until 2034, I was stunned!  I did some checking with a few Casey drivers
and confirmed this.  At one of the training sites I used to visit (Altus
AFB, OK), the local population was overjoyed when the turbofan-powered
"R" models were introduced.  Apparently the water-injection A models
made quite a racket!
Martin Sagara
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