Noisy Cockpits (Was: Boeing 777 has dainty feet)

From: (Mark Radovich)
Date:         25 Jul 95 03:06:46 
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Curmudgeon <> wrote:

>Boeing builds great airplanes but any pilot will readily complain at the
>cockpit comfort and fatigue-producing and hearing-loss-causing noise
>levels. At higher (CI's:-))speeds it's almost impossible to think let
>alone talk. After a long day in a brand new Boeing 737-300, one's ears
>ring well into the pillow.

>McDonnell-Douglas cockpits ARE more user-friendly and infinitely quieter.

I've found B767 cockpit noise levels to be the lowest of any aircraft
I've flown.  Although I have never flown a B737, when visiting the
flight deck, the noise level did seem high.

Mind you a B747 flight deck isn't that quiet either.

Does anybody have any noise readings for various types of airliner?
Are there certification standards for noise levels in cockpits?  It
would be interesting to make comparisons.

Mark Radovich