Re: ROLLS ROYCE TRENT 800's ON 777's

From:         Ted Deller <>
Organization: HookUp Communication Corporation, Oakville, Ontario, CANADA
Date:         25 Jul 95 03:06:46 
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> Boeing is testing a 777 with Trent 800's that's painted in the livery of
> Cathay Pacific.

I just got back from Seattle, and spent three days watching the action
at Boeing Field. Saw the Cathay Pacific B777 on tests twice.

Both times I saw takeoffs... and everything seemed to go smoothly.
The thing that struck me on the second day was how much the tail
stabilizers gyrated up and down as the engines revved to takeoff
thrust. There was quite a lot of motion there, I thought. Although a
lot of thrust can only be expected to set up some sort of motion, I
suppose! (g)

There are sure a lot of sad looking B777's sitting around Everett,
waiting for engines to be mounted.