Unjamming Gear on 747 - how?

From:         hrz090@aixrs1.hrz.uni-essen.de (Dr. Erdelen)
Date:         24 Jul 95 03:05:12 
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Low and behold, airlinerers,

 well now, let's see if we can get this thread by our esteemed
 moderator.. :-)

 Yesterday night's sequel of "Airport" (TV soap operatoid centered around
 Duesseldorf airport, EDDL) treated us to a jammed nose gear on an
 approaching 747 (not that EDDL could take on a 747 in Real Life (tm) -
 runways too short. Having no gear on landing might help, though).

 Here's what the resourceful crew came up with (directed by ATC):
 - put pax through get-cushion-double-up-and-yell(for-TV-effect) routine
 - dive steeply to the accompaniment of many merry warning sounds
 - pull up sharply, thereby...
 - pulling g's and poppin' gear (on second attempt)

Airliners Question (I hope, Karl read this far):
 - Is poppin-jammed-gear-by-pullin-g's an acknowledged procedure for
   airliners, or at all a viable RL(tm), as opposed to TV, option?

 Thanks for any info.

 [Oh, yes: *no* fatalities except the drug courier with his stomach full
  of coke-filled condomes, one of which was ruptured by the g's...
  I *love* TV.]