Re: Boeing 777 has dainty feet

From: (B. E. Dankberg)
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Date:         24 Jul 95 03:05:10 
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  or MIME structure (Robert Dorsett) wrote:
>In article <airliners.1995.1054@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Richard Isakson) writes:
>>>How did this mistake get all the way through Boeing's legendary engineering
>>Engineering fixes will be part of the airplanes life as long as it's being
>>used.  Engineering is an art, it's not a science.  To expect an airplane to
>>come out of the design process in a state of perfection is to expect the
>IF the statement is true (big IF), it would go against a 50-year Boeing trend
>to over-engineer its landing gear.  Douglas, on the other hand, is known
>for under-engineering its gear; it's hard to find a DC-9 flight test program,
>for example, that doesn't have at least one NTSB write-up.

Sorry I missed the origination of this thread but the title implies the
triple-7 has some landing gear problem.  I haven't heard of any.  I once
had the chance to crawl inside landing gear wheel well when the #2 airplane
WA002 was in production, and I can tell you, that gear is not dainty.
Unless of course Seqioua's look thin to you!  The wheel well was the size
of my entire 2.5 car garage and there was nothing small or frail about
that 6 wheel truck.

If anyone has heard of any reported gear problems I would of course be
interested in hearing.