Re: Future of 757, 767

From: (B. E. Dankberg)
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Date:         24 Jul 95 03:05:10 
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>It was definitely right to build the 757-200. But, IMHO, John Nance is
>correct. Boeing's decision, not to build the 757-100, was an enormous
>strategic error which facilitated Airbus (and MD) to attack the 150-seat
>market. The 737-400 could not compete with the A320 and the 737-800 is
>quite late after more than 700 A320s are sold already. Further, the
>A320s opens the way to its derivations A321 and A319 (and, perhaps, to
>the A330s and A340s) in many airlines.

>A useful scenario might have been to start with the 757-100 in the early
>Eighties and to offer the 757-200 four or five years later. But, of
>course, it is easier to realize this now than in 1980. :-)

>From all the analysis I've seen, the only advantage the A320 has on the
737-300/-400 would be when operating relatively long routes 1500nm +
originating from high altitude locations.  Specifically for United this
was known as the "Denver Bump" and the 737 had some performance limitations
that the A320 didn't.

As far as competition goes, both direct and indirect operating costs on
most routes typical of 150 - 180 seaters, unless the government is buying
or Airbus is giving it away, the A320 series lose by a long way against
the 737 series.