Re: 747-300 Question

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         24 Jul 95 03:05:08 
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Jennings Heilig  <> wrote:
>I have a photo here of 747-366 (SCD) SU-GAM of Egyptair.  ...
>The photo clearly shows this aircraft
>(definitely a -300 series) with the wingroot leading edge fairing like
>the -400 series.

I have not noticed the difference between the -300 and -400 leading-edge
fairing, so, I can't answer this question.  Ummm..., I'll take a look.

>In the same book, there is a photo of 747-3D7, also a
>late production -300 of Thai Airways, which has what appear to be PW4000
>type nacelles similar to the -400 series. ...
>I've heard that Varig had/has at least one
>-300 with both the -400 style wingroots and the later style nacelles,

They are not PW4000-type nacelles.  Both Thai and Varig use GE's CF6
engines.  The nacelle for the CF6 engines looks like PW4000's nacelles,
i.e., the tail cone is not visible unless one looks into the exhaust.

>which would, for all intents and purposes, make it look externally just
>like a 747-400SR, except that the only ones of those built thus far are
>flying in Japan.

I don't think the -400SR has the antenna(?) at the wing tip, right?

  H Andrew Chuang