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>When did -200 production end?

Late 1980s, if not early 1990s -- there was at least a little bit of
overlap between the 747-200 and 747-400.

>Could it have been a -200 which was converted to `SUD' (stretched
>upper deck) (as per some KLM `-300s' I believe) during construction

Could have been, but wasn't.  Both KLM and UTA have 747-200B(SUD)
aircraft, which were built as standard 747-200B models then modified
with a Stretched Upper Deck *after* entering service, and JAL has
similarly modified 747-146B(SR) aircraft.  All three also received
747-300s from the factory, some of JAL's being 747-300(SR) models.
Other than these three cases, all first generation 747s with the
longer upper deck are 747-300s, at least as far as I've been able
to trace.

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