Re: FOD to an engine of a Falcon 20 (fwd)

Date:         01 Feb 95 08:24:37 
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> Last week, at Le Bourget in Paris, a Falcon 20 crashed because of an FOD 
> to his right engine (caused probably by birds in the area).
> It seems to me that this is still a problem which affects Airliners.
> Is there something which could be done concerning changes in the engine 
> design in order to prevent that these situations become to dangerous ?
> Are there so many incidents to make worth a complete engine 
> reconfiguration, at least for the heavies ?

I think this is less of a problem with "heavies" because they have a
large bypass duct. The gas generator core intake only presents a small
part of the total frontal area of, say, an RB211 or a CF6, and the
engines are designed that the flow takes objects into the bypass duct
instead of through the core.

However, in a small engine like on the Falcon, the proportion of the
area occupied by the gas generator intake is larger and the bypass
duct smaller, so greater chance of damage due to FOD.


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