Re: Boeing 720

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Date:         17 Jul 95 04:29:41 
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> There was a series of five aircraft built for Braniff as the 707-200
> series. Rather confusing: Boeing called these 707-220s, FAA said
> 707-200. Used JT4A-3, 15,800 lbs thrust (similar to J-75 military
> engines), for better t-o performance at high-altitude South American
> airports. One listing even shows these as being delivered as 707-220s,
> but as BA is Customer Code 27, others indicate 707-227.

	In general, people (inluding Boeing) use designations like
	707-220 to indicate the general type of airplane being discussed.
	When you get into customer specifics, they then use the full
	formal delivery designation, i.e. 707-227 for Braniff's -220s.
	In that particular case, no one else bought -200 series airplanes
	so there's no confusion.  However, with the -300 series 707s, you
	could potentially be talking about a lot of different airplanes,
	so you have to say -320, -320B/C, etc.  I think most of this comes
	from common useage.  As an example, you don't hear many people calling
	the new Boeing the "Seven Seventy-Seven", most people are calling
	it the "Triple Seven" simply because it's easier to say.


Jennings Heilig