Aging Aircraft (was Re: Boeing 717?)

From: (Christopher H. Husmann)
Organization: Northrop Grumman Information Services Center, Hawthorne, CA
Date:         17 Jul 95 04:29:40 
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I attended the AIAA conference on structures last April. One of the
speakers, whose name I could look up if pressed, commented that the Air
Force expects to keep flying KC-135s until the year 2034. Since this gent
was from the Air Force and his paper had been through the same wringer
mine have to go through, I assume this was a fairly official statement.

The comment was also made that some of these tankers would be 80 years
old at that time. Imagine some young pilot flying the plane his
Great-Grandfather flew. Of course, I'm told we already have third
generation B-52 pilots. Talk about aged aircraft.

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