Re: passenger stairs in aircraft tail

From: (Paul Weir)
Organization: Mincom Pty. Ltd.
Date:         17 Jul 95 04:29:36 
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In article <airliners.1995.1041@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jay Selman ) writes:
>From: (Jay Selman )
>Subject: Re: passenger stairs in aircraft tail
>Date: 10 Jul 95 16:36:58

>Several responses to this topic have hit on various aspects of the
>subject of passenger stairs in aircraft tails.  Don't forget that the
>early Convair 240s, as well as the Martin 202/404 series, also had
>ventral airstairs.

Thank goodness somebody else remembers the Convairs. You see and hear of them
so rarely these days. They made a comparatively brief appearance in Australian
commercial aviation but when they did, they really made an impact (on me
anway!!!)  The rear stairs closing into the tail, the long, long nose wheel
and the twin exhausts on the engines... Wow! They don't make aircraft like
that anymore...sadly.,