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>As I recall it, Boeing wanted a smaller seat count 757 in its original
>proposals.  But the launch customer (the first guy to order enough to cause
>you to build) was Eastern and the density on their US East Coast routes
>caused them to want a higher seat count... so Boeing changed the design to
>get the order.

Eastern actually would have preferred the smaller aircraft, but they
co-launched the 757 with British Airways.  BA was the only carrier
really pushing for the bigger aircraft, much as they are now almost
alone in wanting a 600-800 passenger super-jumbo.  Eastern grudgingly
went along with BA.

John Nance, in The Sport Game, claims this was a major error by Boeing
since the 727-200 had a market to itself in the 150-seat class, and
the smaller 757 would have been the logical replacement.  The 757 as
built was too big for this market, which left room for Airbus to come
in with the A320, much as McDonnell Douglas' insistence on building a
tri-jet DC-10 in direct competition with the L-1011, instead of doing
a smaller twin-jet, left the door open for the A300.  With delivery of
the 700th 757 coming soon, it's hard to see his logic, but remember
how the 757 got off to an awfully slow start and only started selling
briskly after years of market growth.

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