Re: Future of 757, 767

From: (James R Ebright)
Organization: The Ohio State University
Date:         12 Jul 95 01:42:32 
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Christopher Davis <> wrote:

>This fits into my perception of the 757 as the "narrowbody widebody".  It
>has a higher seat count than most narrowbody airliners (not far below the
>smaller widebodies, as shown in the table) and usually has many of the
>"widebody" amenities such as video screens and armrest audio systems.

As I recall it, Boeing wanted a smaller seat count 757 in its original
proposals.  But the launch customer (the first guy to order enough to cause
you to build) was Eastern and the density on their US East Coast routes
caused them to want a higher seat count... so Boeing changed the design to
get the order.

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