Survey: Future Info Sys in Airlines

From: (InlandCruz)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date:         12 Jul 95 01:42:32 
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Of those few of you that are involved in ground-side aviation issues, it
would be appreciated if you could answer the following questions which
will be included in a Masters thesis on Airline Information Systems.  I am
currently a manager with America West Airlines.  Please e-mail the
questions back to me directly or post a new message for me to read.  If
you know of any other area on the Internet where this survey would be more
appropriate, please let me know...Thanks for your help.  Please be as
technical as you wish...

1)  What is your impression of the stand-alone PC's in use in the airlines
today?  Are they outdated?  Software outdated?  Reliable and
user-friendly?  What do you mostly use them for?  What do you see PC's
used for in the future?

2)  What is your impression of the Reservations Systems computers in use
in the airlines today?  Could they be improved?  How?  Are they reliable?
Are they user friendly?  Should they be windows-based?  Other comments?
What do you see in the future with CRS's?

3)  What type of Weight and Balance system do you use?  Is it relatively
error free?  Reliable?  Could it be improved?  How?  Is it user-friendly?
Where do you see this system in the future?

4)  What is your general feelings on Automated Cockpits?  Do you feel
safer with this type of system?  Are there any concerns you can associate
with them?  How about GPS and the proposed automated air traffic control
system?  Where do you see the future going with these?

5)  What type of crew scheduling and aircraft routing system do you use?
Is it easy to use?  Windows-based?  Reliable?  What type of hardware is it
on?  Could it be improved?  How?  Where is the future headed in this area?

Thanks for your is much appreciated!  Please be as
technical as you wish with this.