GE90 troubles make page 1 of the Wall St. Journal

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Wednesday's Wall St. Journal has a long article on page 1, column 1,
on the GE90's problems.  It notes that the GE90-powered 777 test fleet
has now been grounded for over two months.  It also says that the FAA
issued a "leter of discontinuance" on June 26, formally halting tests
of the 777/GE90 combination.

The article highlights doubts about GE's ability to meet the Sept. 28
deadline to deliver British Airways' first two GE90-powered 777s, and
goes on to describe how the failures have cost GE some sales (Korean's
order in particular) which in turn has long-term ramifactions, since
losing an order from a given airline now almost certainly means no
chance of GE winning any followup orders from that airline.  GE says
that the problems are to be expected with a brand new engine, and
points out that P&W-powered 767s have over seven times the in-flight
shutdown rate of GE versions, but that's small solace if early bugs
drive customers away from the GE90.

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