Re: Boeing 777 has dainty feet

From: (Richard Isakson)
Organization: The Whidbey
Date:         12 Jul 95 01:42:30 
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners (Nathan Myers) said:
>It seems that an important part of the landing gear is too weak, and will get
>"used up" (through metal fatigue), and need to be replaced annually. While this
>is probably not a safety problem, it's an extra expense (frequent inspections
>and replacements) and an embarrassment.


>How did this mistake get all the way through Boeing's legendary engineering

Engineering fixes will be part of the airplanes life as long as it's being
used.  Engineering is an art, it's not a science.  To expect an airplane to
come out of the design process in a state of perfection is to expect the

Rich (