Take-off chills: Altitude with an attitude!

From:         cyberoid@u.washington.edu (Robert Jacobson)
Organization: Worldesign Inc., Seattle
Date:         10 Jul 95 16:37:00 
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I'm a frequent flyer and you'd think by now I would be immune, but
I still get the chills on take-off -- especially when the pilot
hits the throttle and the plane tips higher and higher as it
reaches for the sky.

I keep remembering stories of planes whose controls misrepresented
the situation, so that the pilots kept inclining the aircraft at
more extreme angles until they finally stalled out and fell out of
the sky.

What keeps this from happening?  Do pilots actually come close to
stalling out, or do they stay way below the critical edge?  How
much do take-off regulations, requiring steep climbs, affect the
possibility of stalling out?

I sure would like to know the answers.  Of course, it doesn't
matter, 'cause the next time they point the nose skyward, I will
still feel that emptiness in my gut and worry!  :-)