Re: passenger stairs in aircraft tail

From:         "E.A. Singh" <>
Organization: Computer Science, University of Liverpool, UK
Date:         10 Jul 95 16:36:59 
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I do know that a lot of UK based 737's have the stairs built in under
the 1L door and these are not removed ....

I fly regularly 737-200's Ryan Air (The Irish one, not the US carrier!)
from Liverpool Speke Airport to Dublin Int'l, about a 25 minute flight
and *always* the inbuilt stairs are used... I guess for short commuter
hops - especially at small fields (like Liverpool) having the stairs makes
a lot of sense, it saves time (these planes only stay 20 minutes or so and
then they complete the return leg) and perhaps money (do carriers have to-
-pay for stairs as an extra???)