Re: passenger stairs in aircraft tail

From: (Ray Watters)
Organization: Ridgecrest Community Television
Date:         10 Jul 95 16:36:59 
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In article <airliners.1995.892@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Robert
Dorsett) wrote:
> The DC-9 does not have arstairs.  You are confusing it with the 727, which
> lowers airstairs out the back.

Actually, the DC9 does have rear least the older models.

> The reason you see the 727 stairs down all the time is as a counter-balance,
> so the airplane doesn't rock back on its tail with a light fuel load.  You
> will often see a supporting rod  as well

You are correct, however it is most important on the 727-200 series. On a
light load, an extra 5000 pounds of fuel would be put in the center tank.
Further, coach passengers would be moved to first class.