Re: Boeing 737 crash

From: (Michael Nolan)
Date:         01 Feb 95 02:16:21 
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  or MIME structure (Ian Urquhart) writes:

>Please excuse my ignorance but what is QNH and QFE?  I hold a US 
>commercial certificate and instrument rating and have not come across 
>these terms.  There is only one altimeter setting and that's it. 
>Simple.  Do Canadian pilots deal with this QNH and QFE business? 

Exuse my butting in, but American Airlines in particular uses both settings.

Two altimeters are set to read field elevation upon landing, but the third
altimeter is always set to read 0 feet upon landing.  This supposedly
makes it easier to tell at a glance how high you really are above the ground.

American claims it works since they claim never to have had an accident
in recent years where a pilot ducked below minima.

Personally, I think it's a great idea.