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From: (Christopher Davis)
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Date:         10 Jul 95 16:36:56 
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KS> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>

 KS> Right now, here's what Boeing's lineup looks like, with ballpark mixed
 KS> class seating and *very* rough estimates of prices:

 KS>      model		seats	price
 KS>     ------------	-----	-----
 KS>     757-200	 180	 60
 KS>     767-200	 195
 KS>     767-300	 220	 80

This fits into my perception of the 757 as the "narrowbody widebody".  It
has a higher seat count than most narrowbody airliners (not far below the
smaller widebodies, as shown in the table) and usually has many of the
"widebody" amenities such as video screens and armrest audio systems.

 KS> Killing off the 757 and 767 would leave an enormous hole in the middle
 KS> of Boeing's product line, for no reason.

I'd be interested in seeing a model/seat/price table that covered all
three manufacturers, just to get an idea of where the head-to-head
matchups are and where the gaps in various product lines are.  (The fourth
variable is, of course, range...but that really needs a seats v. range
scatterplot to be properly presented, and ASCII does scatterplots so very
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