Re: Boeing, Airbus members suspend super-jumbo joint project

From:         "Peter Herrmann" <>
Date:         10 Jul 95 16:36:54 
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In article <airliners.1995.1009@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
|>Boeing Chariman Frank Shrontz and officials of Airbus members British
|>Aerospace, Aerospatiale, Deutsche Aerospace (DASA), and CASA reportedly
|>met in New York on Friday and agreed to suspend their joint work on a
|>super-jumbo (the VLCT or Very Large Commercial Transport) for at least
|>six months, according to an annoucement by an Aerospatiale spokeswoman.
|>"The aircraft is technically feasible, but at the moment airline
|>companies do not want to commit themselves," she said.
|>Boeing will continue to work on a stretch of the 747, and presumably
|>their own NLA (New Large Airplane) project, while Airbus will continue
|>on its own A3XX project.

I don't understand that nobody ever considered talks between Airbus and
MD on a high capacity aircraft. Both companies suffer from not being
able to offer an aircraft competitive to the 747. A joint development
of an aircraft a little larger than the 747 might give them an
opportunity to enter the high capacity market.

MD makes efforts in developing the MD 12 project but didn't find a
competent partner up to now. Airbus might be this partner.

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