Re: Lauda Air Boeing Disaster 1991 - Causes?

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Leading Edge Aviation Services
Date:         10 Jul 95 03:18:18 
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>Tha aircraft crashed because of the deployment of one reverser
>during climb, 15 minutes after takeoff.
>Wind tunnel test showed, that this aircraft type goes out of
>control when one reverser deploys during climb or cruise.
>The aircraft had a bad history of reverser malfunctions. Anyhow,
>the exact cause for the deployment was never established.

After the incident an AD was issued to inspect ALL 767 Thrust
 reverser systems for sensing faults. which could result in
unscheduled deployment of the thrust reverser.
The T/R system has a sensor which, when out of prox, causes
the T/R to restow. if this is at fault there is nothing to prevent
a faulty T/R  from deploying.

This was ALLEGEDLY, but it is not known for sure, The cause
of the accident.

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