Re: Boeing 720

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         10 Jul 95 03:18:17 
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:

>>I seem to recall reading a book many years ago that claimed the 720 was
>>actually designated by Boeing  as the "707-020".

>Boeing's customer code for itself is 20 (I have no idea why it's not
>00) so that's a reasonable internal designation.  I recall seeing
>references to the 707-320 Intercontinental, but I don't know if any
>aircraft actually ended up with the 20 customer code -- the first
>757, 767, and 777 all have a 00 code, so perhaps 20 was just 707 era
>and they've switched since then.

There was a series of five aircraft built for Braniff as the 707-200
series. Rather confusing: Boeing called these 707-220s, FAA said
707-200. Used JT4A-3, 15,800 lbs thrust (similar to J-75 military
engines), for better t-o performance at high-altitude South American
airports. One listing even shows these as being delivered as 707-220s,
but as BA is Customer Code 27, others indicate 707-227.