Re: Boeing 720

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Date:         10 Jul 95 03:18:15 
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The 720 was originally to have been called the 707-020, but United didn't
want people to think it was somehow inferior to the already in servcie
707-120 (like people actually would).  In any event, in order to sell the
airplane to United, Boeing agreed to give it the 720 designation.

As to why all Boeing airliner products start and end with 7, it's very
simple:  Product recognition.  Same reason all Douglas products start
with DC and Lockheed products start with L.  Once you have a good thing
going, don't screw with it.  The original 707 and 717 (military)
designations were merely happenstance.  The production model of the
367-80 ended up with Model Number 707 on Boeing's list.  The rest is
history.  I wanna know what's going to happen in 2045 when we get to the
end of the 797-800 series!


Jennings Heilig