Re: Boeing 720?

From: (Richard Isakson)
Organization: The Whidbey
Date:         08 Jul 95 15:01:52 
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners (R. Morris) said:
>So, why after all the 7's did the 720 get out of series?
In the early part of the 707 program Boeing was certain that United was
going to be a customer and gave them ALL the information on the airplane
except the airfoil sections.  United turned around and gave the information
to Douglas and the DC-8 was born.  United made a large order for DC-8s and
no 707s.  A great many bad things were said between Boeing and United.
Among these was a statement by the president of United that United would
NEVER buy 707s.  The early DC-8s turned out to be a dog.  They didn't use
transonic airfoil sections and they were never given the Boeing sections
because United didn't have them.  Boeing made a great deal of money off
United when they re-did all the United the DC-8 wings at the United base in
San Francisco.  When it came time for a new jet order, United decided to go
with Boeing for a 707 type airplane.  But they had said that they would
NEVER buy a 707 so Boeing re-did the 707 for Uniteds route structure and
renamed it the 720.  There probably were 13 707 derivative designs done
between the 707 and the 720.

At least this is the story that's told at Boeing.

Rich (