Re: Soft ride mode on B747

From: (Kurt W. Dekker)
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Date:         10 Mar 94 02:40:00 PST
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Saurin B. Shroff; x6284 ( wrote:
: On a recent trip from London to Boston on British Ariways, at around FL310, 
: the ride suddenly became rough due to turbulance. The captain then announced
: that the turbulance was unexpected and he has turned on soft ride mode to
: give us softest ride possible (we were being served lunch then). We were
: flying B747.

: Does anyone know what is soft ride mode and how does it work? After the
: announcement the ride seemed bit softer but not whole lot.

Unless it's a simple reduction in forward airspeed [which has attendant
increases in airline operating costs, so I doubt that was it!], I say it's
a psychological thing.  "The ride will now be smoother with our 'smooth
ride' controls enabled" will probably fool around 95% of people into
thinking things actually got smoother.  Placebos work.  It's been proven 
again and again.  The mind is a powerful thing.