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From: (Keith Barr)
Organization: Nyx, Public Access Unix at U. of Denver Math/CS dept.
Date:         07 Mar 94 15:12:51 PST
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Bob Coggeshall <Bob.Coggeshall@HK.Super.NET> wrote:
>So there has been an interesting aircraft sitting on the tarmac at
>Kai Tak here in Hong Kong - it looks like a short DC8 but with modern
>turbofans, and several odd-looking sensors and intakes mounted about
>the fuselage.
>So it is a research aircraft. But what kind ?

NASA 717 is a research DC-8.  In fact, I was at Ames (working with NASA 709,
an ER-2) when it left for HK about two weeks ago.  I don't know all of the
instruments on board for this project, which is called PEM-WEST and is
a stratospheric chemistry project, but normally there are numerous air
samplers that analyze the size and types of particles the aircraft flies
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