Cooper (was: DC 10-ski topples on to its rear when unloaded!)

From: (Mark Brader)
Organization: SoftQuad Inc., Toronto, Canada
Date:         01 Mar 94 01:32:07 PST
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> > The rear stairway use for passenger loading was discontinued
> > for security reasons sometime in the mid-1980s.
> > D.B. Cooper jumped out of a 727 somewhere over Washington State
> > from the stairway in mid flight.
> After the D.B. Cooper incident, the rear stairway was modified so the
> door could not be opened in flight.  The rear-stairs are still used
> for loading. ...

Well, actually, that wasn't D.B. Cooper.  I dropped in on alt.folklore.-
urban the other day and saw the following posting by Bob Hiebert
(, whose site doesn't get this group,
so he gave me permission to repeat it here:

| First, and most importantly (bad form to respond to an English Dept.
| type) D.B. Cooper was the name of a suspect from early in the
| investigation.  D.B. Cooper was later released with an un-beatable
| alibi.  
| The name, and identity, of the actual hijacker was never known.  The
| media (just as good or bad as those in the U.K. BTW) latched onto the
| D.B. Cooper name and just wouldn't let it go.
| Ain't Folklore great?!

Having seen the same statements in print somewhere myself, but not
remembering where, I asked Bob where he got this information from.
He said:

| In Search Of; that trashy show that Leonard Nimoy hosted that also covered 
| such great events as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster).  I happened to see 
| an episode a couple of weekends ago when I had *nothing* to do.
| What convinced me that the data was factual was the level of detail
| provided.  D.B. Cooper was a real hood (in L.A. I think).  His face
| matched the composite drawings.  The show had photographs.

So there you are.  Someone did jump out of a 727 in flight with a large
quantity of money; but it was someone *else*.
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