DC-10/DC-8 crash in Oregon

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Date:         01 Mar 94 01:31:53 PST
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Karl is correct in regards to the DC-10/DC-8 crash in Oregon.  It was a United 
stretched DC-8.  Also to my knowledge, no DC-10 has crashed in the Oregon area.

I was working on my instrument rating shortly after the crash became well known 
and my instructor talked about it.  The United flight had a unsafe gear light 
and the captain chose to move out of the airport traffic area to a holding 
pattern to try and correct the problem.  The flight engineer began dumping fuel 
in preparation for a partial wheels up landing.  After some slight period of 
time, it was discovered that with fuel dumping they were too low on fuel they 
headed toward the airport.  They flamed out on a long final and went down in a 
wooded section.  Because of the lack of fuel there was no fire.  However, there 
were fatallities including at least one of the cockpit crew.

It was the second crash of a large airliner that can be blamed on an unsafe gear 
light, or lack of a safe (green) light.  The other being the Eastern L-1011 that 
went down in the Florida Everglades.

john watson
Dallas, Texas