A340 Fire at Paris Airport

From:         julian@gatwick.sgp.slb.com
Date:         01 Mar 94 01:31:44 PST
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Herbert lasky wrote

>Does anyone know anything about the A340 fire in Paris a few weeks ago?

A friend of mine who works for the British Airports Authority
at Gatwick Airport told me that this Air France A340 was completely
burnt out following the fire. The cause was unknown, last he heard.
However, there is some speculation that it was the result (either 
directly or indirectly) of the disturbances during the Air France 

Incidently we get a few A340s (Virgin Atlantic) at Gatwick and as 
my office (Schlumberger House) is just north of the eastern approach
I see them fly past on occassions. Very distracting for a plane spotter!