Re: old DC10 crash in Portland

From: (Rob Dixon)
Organization: Network Displays Reliability Engineering
Date:         01 Mar 94 01:31:41 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.967@orchard.Chicago.COM>,
kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes: > 

> >I am positive it was a DC-10, not a DC-8.  

> I still believe the incident in question was the 1978 United DC-8 
> crash.  > 

Native Oregonian, born and department secretary was on the
DC-8 that went down in '78. Remember it well, although compared to
Karl's sources this is probably best classed as heresay.  According to
Grace, gear indicators said 2 of 3 points wouldn't lock. The thinking
was that while dealing with this the crew ran the craft out of fuel
with the ensuing loss of performance. However, she swears that right
after the crash, the pilot was telling anyone who would listen that
the instruments indicated, as I recall, 200-300 lbs of fuel left in
each wing when the engines went down.  One final bit, I remember
looking at the crash site and thinking that there was one hell of a
pilot on that craft, regardless of whatever mistakes MAY have been
made. He put it down in a grove of trees, at night, in a suburb east
of the airport. Right between two housing developments. 50 feet
either way and he would have been into houses. As it was, Grace
"de-planed" through a wing exit and stepped off the wing onto the roof
of a small shed behind one of the houses.

I've not heard of a DC-10 going down anywhere close to PDX.

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