Re: old DC10 crash in Portland

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Date:         24 Feb 94 23:40:51 PST
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>It has been a while, but I grew up in Portland. In the early 80s, when
>many DC-10s were going down, one did have a landing gear problem, and
>ran out of fuel. It landed in a tree grove on the east side of the city
>near the airport. No fatalities -- the trees supported the plane.

>I am positive it was a DC-10, not a DC-8. 

I've got a list of DC-10 hull losses which I believe is fairly
complete, and none of the 20 were anywhere near Portland.  I would
expect a "landing" such as you describe to destroy the aircraft.
Furthermore, I lived in Eugene from 1980 thru 1982 and certainly
would have noticed a DC-10 loss in Portland during that time, or
later, but I have no recollection of such an event.

I still believe the incident in question was the 1978 United DC-8

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