Re: Comet IV

From: (John Watson)
Date:         24 Feb 94 23:40:48 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.947@orchard.Chicago.COM>, (Stefano Pagiola) writes:
|> Robert Ashcroft writes
|> > When did Comet IVs last fly scheduled service?
|> 1981 sometime.  With Dan Air on a pleasure flight out of Gatwick and  
|> back.  
|> (Don't you wish US airlines organized special flights for things like  
|> the last United DC-8 flight and the like?  British Airways had a  
|> special flight for its last VC-10 service -- also about 1980-81 --  
|> and for its last Trident service, in about 1986)

Actually, some last flights have celebrated by US airlines.  Several years ago (my memory fails to recall when), Len Morgan of Flying magazine wrote about the last schedule airline service flight of the Locheed Electra by Eastern Airlines. The flight was departing from LaGuardia and as it taxied to takeoff down the ramp, each aircraft parked lowered its flaps in salute.  As a former Electra pilot Morgan had been dooly touched!

John Watson