Re: Little red strips of fabric on the wing????

From: (Dickey Bradley F)
Organization: Bryn Mawr College
Date:         24 Feb 94 23:40:42 PST
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In article "Dr. Martin Erdelen" writes:

>- How do they check it? Captain or purser or whoever taking regular trips
>  to the cabin to have a peek out the window? (like the time and movie
>  honoured way of finding out about oil loss).
>High-tech forever...!

Recently a friend of mine was returning to Europe on a TAP 747 from 
Caracas.  A Danish chap in front of him summoned the stewardess, and 
after the mandetory waiting period that TAP seems to insist on for 
answering the calls, informed the stewardess that there was ice on 
the wing.

"Not a problem" she explained and ran off, forward.

On returning, she asked to be shown the ice and know the extent of it.
One of the pilots came back, looked at it; and the plane ended up making
an unscheduled stop in the Canaries for 24 hours.  My friend talked to
one of the TAP engineers who explained that there wasnt really any 
danger, but that they had stopped to make sure everything was ok.

So, yes, the pilots will come back and take a look, occassionally.