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Date:         23 Feb 94 12:06:01 PST
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>I'm trying to chase down a story about a DC10 that ran
>out of fuel while in a holding pattern over Portland, OR
>and was forced to land on a highway within the city limits.

>... another fellow wondered if this had actually been a DC8.

The other fellow was almost certainly right.  If any DC-10s have
crashed in Portland, they've done it very clandestinely.  However,
this sounds very much like the United DC-8-61 (N8082U) which went
down on December 28, 1978.  The landing gear indicators indicated
that one or more of the landing gear were not down and locked, and
instead of dealing with the problem the flight crew ended up having
a debate about what should be done -- apparently the three of them
had been at odds right from the start, and these personal problems
prevented them from dealing with a far more serious problem when
it came along.

As a result of this crash, United greatly reworked their training
programs around the idea called Cockpit Resource Management, and
most (hopefully all) other airliners have taken similar steps.
(Contrary to at least one incident, this does *NOT* involve all
the pilots sitting around a bar and drinking their problems away!
:-) )

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