Re: Tupolev TU-144: Where are you now?

From: (Stephen H. Westin)
Organization: ECC at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Michigan
Date:         23 Feb 94 12:05:55 PST
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> Since the collapse of the old Communist order, has any information
> been learned about the current disposition the the TU-144?
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The February, 1994 issue of Flying magazine has an article on the
Moscow airshow, held at Zhukovsky Airfield, "the U.S.S.R.'s equivalent
of Edwards Air Force Base", according to the article. They also state,
"The TU-144 ... was built at Zhukovsky. Four are still there (five if
you count the one in the boneyard), and two still fly regularly on
ozone research missions."

-Stephen H. Westin
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