Re: Little red strips of fabric on the wing????

From:         "Dr. Martin Erdelen" <>
Date:         23 Feb 94 12:05:54 PST
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On 16 Feb 94 01:10:32 PST Karl Swartz said:
>>On a recent US Air flight the aircraft had 4 or 5 strips of 1" wide cloth
>>type material (~12" long) attached to the wing, about 2' from the fuselage.
>This was an MD-80, or perhaps a DC-9, right?  If so, these were added
>after the SAS crash several years ago.  The problem is that the fuel
>tank arrangement on the MD-80 has a tendency to create wing icing
>problems even in conditions where one would not normally expect to see
>any icing.  The cloth strips are there to help make the ice visible.
Karl, would you elaborate, please? To my (layman's) ear this sounds rather
bizarre in the (supposed) high-tech age:
- What kind of cloth do they use? There must be quite a bit of wear
  (and tear?) on it...
- How is it fixed to the wing? (I love the idea of it merrily fluttering
  in the (500 knots or so) wind, but probably this isn't the case.
- How do they check it? Captain or purser or whoever taking regular trips
  to the cabin to have a peek out the window? (like the time and movie
  honoured way of finding out about oil loss).
High-tech forever...!