Re: Little red strips of fabric on the wing????

From: (Rob Sherry)
Organization: Oklahoma State University
Date:         23 Feb 94 12:05:52 PST
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Karl Swartz writes
> > On a recent US Air flight the aircraft had 4 or 5 strips of 1"
> > wide cloth type material (~12" long) attached to the wing, about
> > 2' from the fuselage.

> This was an MD-80, or perhaps a DC-9, right?  If so, these were
> added after the SAS crash several years ago.  ...  The cloth
> strips are there to help make [wing icing problems] visible.

About a year ago, I noticed these on an AA MD-80 in DFW. On this plane, they 
looked more like loops of red cord run through small clear plastic tabs,
which were affixed to the wing, inside yellow triangles painted on the
wing surface.

Really worried me at the time, I had visions of us leaving the ground with
'Remove Before Flight' streamers still stuck all over the plane :)