Re: DC 10-ski topples on to its rear when unloaded!

From: (Helen T. Rose Davis)
Organization: The Evil Fascist IRC Admins From Hell, Inc.
Date:         23 Feb 94 12:05:46 PST
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DAL> == David A Lee <>
KLS> == Karl L Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>

 KLS> imbalance of the Il-62's four aft-mounted engines.  The 727 suffers
 KLS> the same problem, except the clever folks in Seattle disguised the
 KLS> prop as the aft stairs, which you always (or almost always) see down
 KLS> while the plane is at the gate.  (The DC-9, VC-10, and Trident may

 DAL> The aft stairway in the 727 was NOT meant as some sort of
 DAL> stabilizer.  It was simply a built in stairway for smaller airports
 DAL> without moving stairways.  Note the built in stairway in the 737-100
 DAL> that retracts out from below the front side main entry door.

This may or may not be true on the 727 (sadly, I have no way of finding
out), but it *is* true on the MD-80. One of the first things you hear on
an MD-80 after docking at the gate is the rear-stairs deploying. 
 DAL> The rear stairway use for passenger loading was discontinued for
 DAL> security reasons sometime in the mid-1980s.

Nope, you can still board and deplane through the rear stairs on the Delta
Shuttle (maybe USAir too, I don't know, I've not flown them) at Washington
 DAL> D.B. Cooper jumped out of a 727 somewhere over Washington State from
 DAL> the stairway in mid flight.

The most perfect crime.... I've seen the DB Cooper plane at BOS-Logan (it
was in Key Air livery at the time).

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