Re: Comet IV

From: (Rob Sherry)
Organization: Oklahoma State University
Date:         23 Feb 94 12:05:43 PST
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>From article <airliners.1994.939@orchard.Chicago.COM>, by rna@leland.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft):
> In article <>,
>  <> wrote:
>>The Comet IVs were safe, but by that time they'd a bad
>>reputation, so everybody bought DC-8s and 707s instead. The rest is history.
> There were other advantages to the DC-8/707s too:
> Faster
> Engines more accessible (not buried in wings).
> Larger (?).
> When did Comet IVs last fly scheduled service?

According to "The World's Greatest Aircraft", the last flights were by Dan-Air
London, on November the 3rd, 1980.

As for size, the Dan-Air planes could carry up to 119 passengers, though 
originally the Comet was designed for 101 (in the 4B).

I still think this is one of the neatest looking planes (at least the Mk 1 was)
Trivia: The nose section was used in deveolping the Caravelle. Take a look at
the cockpit windows and you'll see the similarity...