Re: Lockheed: What's on the Horizon?

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Date:         22 Feb 94 13:50:25 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.942@orchard.Chicago.COM> Steve West writes:>Any new commercial aviation products by Lockheed on the horizon?

None whatsoever.  After the drubbing they took on the L-1011 it's very
unlikely that Lockheed would *want* to get back in the commercial air-
craft business, and even if they wanted to the entry cost for the
large jetliner market.  Smaller planes, commuters and such, are still
a possibility, but that seems unlikely for Lockheed.

Note that many aerospace companies are sub-contractors on projects of
other companies.  Convair, for example, while long gone from being a
visible player in the commercial airliner market, designed and manu-
factures most of the MD-11 fuselage.  Lockheed may well be involved in
the commercial aviation market in this manner, but that's a far cry
from the glory and visibility of having the Lockheed name on a plane.

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