From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         16 Feb 94 13:13:43 PST
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>If so, these were added after the SAS crash several years ago.

Karl, I think these have been on DC-9s/MD-80s for many years in 
recognition of the dangers of ice-contaminated wings.  It was
only after SAS that people got serious about ice leaving these
wings and ending up in engines.  THe main result of this has
been the addition of heater pads to the inner wings of these
aircraft.  This is still in flight test on some Continental
and (I believe) American aircraft.

>The aft stairway in the 727 was NOT meant as some sort of stabilizer.

This is flamebait!!!  As was stated earlier, the aft stairway is
a very clever combination of a stabilizer *and* a means for 
passengers and crew to get in and out.
David, aircraft with aft-mounted engines have very restrictive
c.g. ranges and trying to load them (with people or cargo) without
some type of support is not practical.  Of course, once loaded, the
aircraft should be able to stand on it's three legs with no 
problem.  I don't think this is true of the IL62 because I have
seen pictures of the aircraft taxiing with its aft wheel extended.