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From: (Khee Chan)
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Date:         16 Feb 94 01:10:17 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.925@orchard.Chicago.COM>, "Jackson D. Busenbark" <> writes:
>Excuse me for being so technical, but a couple weeks ago when I was at DCA, I
>noticed that on, for example, the 727 the red anti-collison lights were the
>strobe type.  Simple, right?  But wait.  On some other 727's, were the
>rotating-beacon types of anti-collison lights.  This prompted me to come to a
>theory that customers opt for a certain type (strobe or rotating beacon) of
>anti-collison lights when they buy their planes.
>Now, why would they do this?  What are the pros and cons of each?

For the bits that are required to generate the flashes, the following applies:
Rotating beacon == mechanical == moving parts == more maintenance
Strobe == electronic == no moving parts == less maintenance

The difference between the type of anti-collision lights on the above mentioned
727's is probably more likely to be correlated to the vintage of the aircraft.
Maybe customer preference has something to do with it - perhaps someone from
Boeing can answer this.
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