Tupolev TU-144: Where are you now?

Date:         16 Feb 94 01:10:16 PST
Organization: University of Houston
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I recently read a book by Howard Moon about the development and
ultimate failure of the Tupolev TU-144, the Soviet SST.
The book ended without a clear indication of what actually happened
to the prototype and production models of the aircraft.  This is most
likely due to the cool relations our nations had in the past.  Since
the collapse of the old Communist order, has any information been
learned about the current disposition the the TU-144?
Additionally, the plane was in very limited and sporadic scheduled
service for a short time.  Did anyone happen to fly on the TU-144?
I would think that such an experience by a Westerner would be
EXTREMELY rare.  Just wondering.....
Houston, Texas