Re: Aircraft not toppling onto rear (VC10)

From: (Gregory R. TRAVIS)
Organization: Indiana University
Date:         09 Feb 94 14:12:15 PST
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In <airliners.1994.918@orchard.Chicago.COM> writes:

>c) Overly strong fuelage and wing construction (Comet legacy) so lots of
>   weight ahead of the main wheels.

Comet legacy?  I distinctly remember several Comets coming apart in
mid-air.  Or are you saying that the redesigned Comets were over-engineered
to avoid embarassment?

>d) 90% + of payload located ahead of main wheels (I think that's about right).

Is this true?  How the heck do you rotate, or flare, a VC10?  I find
this hard to believe, considering they have four aft-mounted engines!