From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         08 Feb 94 23:33:13 PST
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Indeed, the 767 *can* do West Coast-Japan if equipped with the
correct ETOPS equipment.  American seriously considered putting
767-300ERs on the SJC-NRT route before they had enough MD-11s
because the DC-10 just didn't give the right payload-range
performance from San Jose's runway.  MGM Grand Air toyed wiht
the idea of using 757ERs (with extra tanks, of course) on the
LAX-NRT route for an all-first class service.  This never got
off the ground, probably because of the lack of slots.

As for the 767's range, Lauda Air operates nonstop LAX-MUC,
SAS operates LAX-CPH (though not for much longer), and in 
the past Delta has operated LAX-FRA.  

One more thing, American was not the first airline to operate
ETOPS equipped 757s.  The European charter carriers, including
LTU, Monarch, the former Air Europe, and others have been
using the aircraft trans-Atlantic since before American 
received its first aircraft.