Re: A340

From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         08 Feb 94 02:15:50 PST
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I'm not sure I follow your logic on the CF6/PW4000 on the A340.
At the time of its development, *no* two engines could have
provided the performance that Lufthansa was looking for.  Now,
things have changed, but the aircraft is already flying in service.

The A340 started out as an A310-sized 4-engined aircraft for 
incredibly long routes, while the A330 started as a 2-engined
aircraft larger than the A300.  Commonality considerations drove
the two aircraft to the same size (with the A340-200 being 
somewhat of a compromise, aimed specifically at Lufthansa).
As an A310-sized aircraft, the TA11 as it was known was very
compatible with a slightly larger A320 engine, but as the 
aircraft grew, the engine was pushed until it is now (as you
said) near its limits.

As for mounting PW2000/RB211-535s on the aircraft, you're 
right on the money.  It is this Catch-22 which the A340
faces which Boeing is exploiting to sell 777B's.
To modify the A330 to really compete with the 777B would
be prohibitively expensive.  In the short term, both products
will sell well, but I see a fairly dim future for the A340
especially because of its limited growth potential.